Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The First Few Weeks

Hello family, friends and visitors!

Here's a bit of an update for everyone back home and abroad wondering what's going on with our 21 wonderful students.

It has been an amazing two weeks so far.  Each week so far has been very full but quite amazing.  Last week we piled 26 people into vans and drove off to Mt. Albert Edward.  Broken up into four teams we headed off into the wilderness hiking between 8 and 10 km that first day to reach our campsites.  Our team (dubbed "The Flock") even went for an extra four kilometre hike to a lookout point that evening.

Mike enjoying the view a few kilometres away from our campsite

As you can see from the photo the view was well worth the extra effort.  Absolutely amazing to be viewing an untouched wilderness.  

The second day all four teams met up and we set off to conquer the summit of Mt. Albert Edward.  The weather held up which was a huge blessing, rewarding us with an amazing view all the way up.  Being a 5.3 km hike from base camp to the summit doesn't sound like much but considering most of it was nearly vertical it was a challenge for all of us.  It took a tremendous effort but eventually everyone who started out that day made it to the top of the mountain!

Singing the Doxology from the summit of Mt. Albert Edward!

It was an amazing journey that tested the mettle of each and every person, stretching them in ways they were not used to.  Even the most experienced hikers among us found it stretching when we hiked 8 to 10 km back to the vans in the pouring rain!  When we finally had a chance to change into dry clothes, sleep in a comfortable bed and look back on it all everybody could see ways in which they were challenged during this journey.  

Now this week the students face a different kind of challenge as they begin their first class Spiritual Formations with Cal MacFarlane.  Even while we were hiking the students were already memorizing the more than 50 verses they had to have memorized for class this week.  Each day the students are tested on a portion of these verses and it is clear that they have more than risen to the challenge.  As they walk around camp you can hear them sometimes reciting verses from Galatians under their breath.

One of the perks of having Cal teach class this week is that he is a man of many talents.  Today he incorporated a lesson with a visual demonstration of creating a clay pot.  

Cal MacFarlane creating something out of clay during Spiritual Formations

What a blessing to have Cal here this week helping shape and form our students as they begin their journey this year.  Along with Cal his teaching assistant and a past student Jake LeFave is joining us this week.  Jake who is in his fourth year at Briercrest shared his heart and his passion this morning during a chapel time.  It is wonderful to see how far some of the past students have come in their journeys since their time in the Kaleo program.  

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates to come each week.  Be in prayer that the students finish well in class this week, can help connect kids with churches this weekend at Road Tour and pray for a fun and formative time next week sailing with S.A.L.T.S.

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Jay said...

Thanks Viktor! And thanks students for an amazing 2 weeks, I can't believe all that has happened so far. It is amazing how well everyone knows each other, it feels so much longer. You guys are doing an incredible job! I can't wait to see all that God is going to keep doing in and through all of us this year! Jay