Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Scaling the heights of truth

This past week the students have finished up their last class, Introduction to Christian Worldview. It has been a grueling look at what we know and how we know it. Many students have exclaimed that their minds have been blown and pieced back together in a week. One of the most powerful revelations for students has been that truth does not matter unless it is lived out.

As the last few papers were being finished up we took a study break and went on a rock climbing adventure. It was an amazing day of sun and rock. Students were forced out of their comfort zones and scaled the heights of the Crest Creek Crags.

Our adventure started with snowshoeing into the climbing area. After our trek through the woods our guides set up 6 climbs of varying difficulty. Students spent the day working their way up cracks, crevices, and nubs straining to reach the top. It was great to see how they encouraged and challenged each other through the tough sections.

We are pushing to the finish line here in the program. It's been a fantastic journey so far and we're looking forward to graduation only a week away.

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