Thursday, November 17, 2011

Introspective Examination

This past week the students had a different kind of examination: an introspective one.  Merrill, one of Briercrest's VP's came out last week and led some leadership training session where the students went through the results of their Birkman personality assessments.  

This has a special place in my heart as I've gotten to take part in various degrees of Birkman personality assessments over the years.  Time and time again I've been stunned at how useful, how accurate and how insightful this system is.  

It's incredibly fitting that the students would have this personality assessment as a leadership training tool.  Merrill challenged them to think about what makes up their unique strengths and challenges and how that affects both how they lead and how they are led.  Speaking to a student the other day he let me know that this exercise really shaped how he leads because he always thought people led the same way he did which is not the case.  How amazing that they can be learning some of these lessons now and how incredible it will be when they scatter across the globe!

This past week the students also participated in a week of prayer.  The students each spent an hour in the prayer room four or five times during the week.  It was a great opportunity for them to set aside an hour of their time to focus on prayer and worship.  At the end of the week we came together and ended the week fittingly in prayer after sharing with one another what impact this week had.  Many were shaped and formed from this time set apart and I'm sure this week will continue to shape how our students pray each and every day.

In contrast this week was another class week with the students taking Foundations of Church Ministry with Professor David Ernst.  

From what I've seen so far this week has been an incredibly challenging one.  The students have been learning about everything from the theology of giving to understanding why denominations exist to the variety of views on men and women in leadership.  There have been very few punches pulled as these students dive into understanding the Church and the challenges that come with it.  David has done a great job challenging the students to think through these and many more questions carefully and scripturally.  Only David could somehow find a way to explain denominations using the Death Star as an analogy!

Be in prayer for the students as they work hard this week and try to finish Church Ministry well.  Next week they will be wrapping up Church Ministry and preparing for Gospels with Wes Olmstead at the same time so be in prayer for that as well.  Next week will be a difficult week of reading for their upcoming class and writing papers so it might be a great time to send that encouraging e-mail or care package.  For those of you missing your daughters, sons, brothers or sisters they will be coming home in less than a month so be encouraged!


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