Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Old Testament Creative Project!

Here it is everyone!!
A little background: So for our Old Testament Literature class we were assigned one creative project in which we must present 12 different OT stories in a creative way. So all 21 of us set out to create the best stories that we could. 
The Following stories include:
-The Fall
-The Flood 
-The Patriarchs 
-The Exodus 
-Israel in the Wilderness
-The Conquest and Judges 
-The United Monarchy (Saul, David, Solomon) 
-The Divided Kingdom 
-The Fall of Jerusalem 
-The Exile to BabylonThe Return(s) to the Judah
-Concluding scene transitioning to NT

*Each video is about 15 minutes long...Enjoy!!

Great work Kaleo Crew!!


Logan Anderson said...

Hey guys! My name's Logan, and I did K8 last year. Just watched your video, good job! I hope ya guys had fun :) I'm looking forward to seeing some of ya next year!

Lynnea said...

Hola! Lynnea here (K8), you guys did such a good job! I would probably say better than ours, and there was definitely some moments that I literally did laughed out loud. Have a great rest of your year!
I loved the part in the temple about the guy not even being Jewish... or knowing what a temple was.