Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Yesterday was a very full day which included a number of Christmas themed activities.  We went out and found a Christmas tree after making some home made ornaments for it.  We also had a Christmas banquet and talent show in the evening. 

Here you can see a random display of talent even before the show started!

As you can see the results were a small army of wonderfully personalized ornaments.  They now decorate our tree quite nicely. 

These were some of the lovely people I shared a table with at the Christmas Staff and Student Banquet.  As you can tell, Aloha wasn't quite as dressed up as Kathleen.


I caught a clip of Tanner playing at the talent show; just a taste of the incredible wealth of talent that was displayed.

These are just a little snapshot of the wonders of the day. We're all very excited as the Christmas season is nearly upon us. Soon the students will all be home with you, family and friends, to celebrate Christmas. Blessings on you all, and to all a good night!

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