Friday, January 6, 2012

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

That seems to be the case with our students as they dove right back into classes!  The students came back with wild tales of shooting down Christmas trees, wonderful family gatherings and trying to balance the desire to sleep all day with doing pre-course work for their upcoming classes.  One by one the students all returned to camp by planes, trains and automobiles (well no trains but we did have a few ride in on ferries).  

Once they arrived the students dove headfirst into Pauline Epistles with Professor Carl Hinderager.  

If you look closely you can see we have a few visiting students joining us this week.  It's been a great opportunity for some locals who are currently doing courses long distance through Briercrest to do a few mods here locally as well.  While anybody can take advantage of this opportunity it's been very advantageous for those working on or going to be working on a degree from Briercrest.  We even have a few this week who have done several classes with us in this way so far so it's nice to see some familiar faces.

Carl has been challenging the students all week to look at the epistles (letters) of Paul with a level of depth that many of them aren't used to.  I spoke with a student the other day who was starting to see how reading these letters as whole letters rather than scattered verses out of context makes a huge difference in terms of understanding.  Instead of disjointed thoughts Paul's works become much clearer and much more challenging as you can't hide from the verses you don't like!

We're very blessed to have Carl here as this is the first time Pauline Epistles has been a part of the Kaleo program roster.  Seeing what an impact it's had in just a few days it has clearly been a great addition

Keep your eyes peeled as we look forward to more wild adventures including our big Mt. Washington ski trip, a journey to the mainland for Missions Fest and the upcoming youth rally here at Camp Qwanoes our students will be running for all of the Cowichan Valley!  Be praying that the students can get right back into the swing of things academically, can once again throw themselves into the ministries they are involved in, and that they can slow down enough to take all of what they're learning in.

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meganmenzies said...

incredible class, incredible prof. hope you all enjoyed it.