Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mt. Washington Snow Trip!

Here are a handful of pictures from our amazing week on Mt. Washington. On the slopes and back in the chalet we spend wonderful times sharing, playing, working, and worshipping together.

Wednesday was an adventure trekking through the snowshoe trails. (Marissa Burns)
View from the Hawk chairlift.
Nicely framing the peak of Mt. Albert-Edward (which we conquered in September!)
from the top of the Boomer-Rang chair. (Nancy Pike) 
An interesting chair full of snowboarders.
(Michael Gordon, Kathleen Bergsma, Tanner Kooistra, Keith Sheppard, Trevor Martin) 
(Erin Lawrie, Hannah Ayton, Makayla Bryson, Erin Karklins, Kathleen Bergsma, Bec Rodda)

Taking turns preparing and cleaning up meals with Laura.
These guys were excellent grilled cheese flippers and cookie dough rollers!
(Matthew Wigmore, Graedon Rust, Tanner Kooistra)  
Relaxing and playing games in the chalet. (Viktor Karklins, Michael Gordon)

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Jay said...

Love it! Great pictures Nicole!