Wednesday, February 15, 2012

His Team

At 8:30am today, 15 members from our Kaléo program will be leaving for the mainland where we will be working in the Eastside of Vancouver for two weeks. (The rest of our group left last evening for Mexico!) We will be helping an organization that works among street people and with a church doing children's and youth ministry. Our schedule isn't super planned out yet, but there will be lots of things to do while we are there!
We are looking forward to our two weeks with an attitude of expectancy. We know that we will be stretched and taught flexibility, for sure. We are trying not to go into the two weeks with expectations, but we do know that God is going to do some really cool things in and through us if we are bold and faithful. (Step Out!?)
The best part is knowing that God has been in Vancouver before we will get there and He will be there long after we leave. Really, we are just joining Him in spreading the hope and freedom He offers through Jesus. We are excited to be on His team.
Thanks for thinking of us. You can continue to keep us in your prayers.

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