Tuesday, June 7, 2011

2012... Oh the Anticipation!!

Hey Kaléo 2012,

I don't know about you, but every time I think about what this year has the potential to be I get little shivers, and butterflies in my stomach! I can't wait to meet you all and to grow with you over this next year - it's going to be rad!!

Just like everybody else, I'm stopping by at the Kaléo 2012 Blog to introduce myself. My name is Bec Rodda, and I shall be one of your interns for this coming year (specifically your female intern, if that needed any clarification!) I was born and raised in Australia but have spent the better part of the past 5 years in North America working at summer camps. I have previously worked 2 summers here at Qwanoes - 2008 & 2009 - my first summer as a Senior Counselor and then my second as the Staffing Assistant. I have also done a few summer at a camp down in Florida as a counselor too. This summer I shall be returning to Qwanoes to assist all present as the Staff Concierge before joining you all for the Kaléo program.

I have spent the past year and a half at home in Australia spending time with my family (I have a brand new baby niece that I'm very sad to leave) and studying Minstry, Theology and Culture at a local Bible College here in Adelaide. I'm yet to graduate with anything, but am absolutely loving what I've been learning and am super keen for you guys to get stuck into some classes too.

About a year or two ago, there was a faze on Facebook in which everybody was encouraged to write 25 random facts about themselves in a note and tag their friends in it, in the hopes that their friends would also write random facts about themselves. I'm now going to dust of that little gem of an idea and share 10 (I thought 25 might be a little too much) fun-facts that you will come to know about Bec anyway.

1) I'm pretty much always cold.
2) I've never had to go to the bathroom in the great outdoors before.
3) I love to drive things. I have my car, boat and motorcycle licenses.
4) I hate tubing - it scares the snot out of me.
5) I have a strange/strong fondness for love songs
6) I dream of one day trekking through Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Syria, Cyprus and Turkey
7) I'm a tea drinker - Coffee makes me feel sick
8) I LOVE Thrift Store shopping
9) I hate being late
10) I'm more of a morning person than I am a night person

So that's just a very small glimpse into me. I'm very much looking forward to getting to know all of the random little facts that make up each of you. Please feel free to share as many, or as few as you want here on the blog so we can all get to know each other better.

I truly can't wait to meet you all. Until then... I pray that you will have a truly blessed summer.




Erin Karklins said...

Random Facts About Me:

1) I love organization and colour coding.
2) I'm not really a pet person - I like animals but not pet hair.
3) Milk chocolate anything is lovely.
4) I knit left handed even though I'm right handed (my sister who is left handed taught me how to knit).
5) I haven't changed the music on my ipod since I got it in 2006 because I'm technology challenged.
6) I have a Compassion child named Cristian from Honduras.
7) I enjoy naps.
8) I spent my 19th birthday in Australia.
9) I have never broken a bone.
10) I have been to 5 provinces and 1 territory in Canada.

TannerK said...

My Random Facts

1. I have been above the arctic circle.
2. I had 16 stitches in my forehead from a table when I was four (I have a sweet scar).
3. I had a pet goat when I was little.
4. I really really dislike coffee. grossest thing ive ever tasted. But I do like coffee crisp.
5.Ive had a nosebleed so bad that blood came out my eyes(pretty rank eh?)
6. I have not just one, but TWO siblings that have RAGING red hair.
7.I need reading glasses.
8. Me and my 19 year old brother still share bunk beds.
9.Ive played guitar on live radio.
10. I like soft cookies not crunchy cookies.

Tessa said...

01. I have a tea pot collection- 20 strong. Yep, let's have a tea party :]
02. Thrift Stores are fantastic and definitely my favourite place to shop!
03. Speaking of thrift stores, I own a pair of ruby slippers like in Wizard of Oz.
04. I own an epic hard cover thesaurus.
05. I'm going to miss my cat terribly while I'm at Kaleo.
06. I write a pretty mean haiku.
07. I would like to publish a novel one day.
08. I'm a little bit OCD.
09. I'm in love with Doctor Who- it's a British tv show. Soooo good.
10. The cello is my favourite instrument.

michael gordon said...


1. I live on a dairy farm and we milk 280 cows
2. I live about 10 min from lake huron. It has super nice beaches (nice enough that Justin Bieber and his gf were here last weekend.
3. I have messy writing and bad pretty grammar.
4. I have my gun and hunting license
5. I have never been on a plane
6. Ive never broken a bone and I had my first ever nose bleed last year
7.my hands are usually kinda sweaty for whatever reason
8. I have 6 days of school left then my fiends and I are taking my trailer and going camping...it will be sweet
9. I have 3 dogs and no cats
10. People always think im older than what I really am.

Nancy said...

Random facts about Nancy.. here goes..

1) I have lived in 8 different places in my life.
2) One of my greatest fears is falling. So i have gone bungy jumping and I will be going sky diving on my drive across canada to Kaleo to try and conquer my fear.
3) I love to travel
4) I have planted 210,000 trees
5) I was a volunteer fire fighter in my town for a year.
6) I love coffee shops!
7) I'm not the biggest fan of chocolate.
8) I also love Thrift stores!
9) I love music. Car tunes are the best!
10) I am a mac person! MacBook, Iphone, Ipod all the way. Never going back to the PC.

bextravels said...

I love that many of you are fellow Thrift Store lovers! I can't wait to show you one of the most amazing, and mind boggling Thrift Stores in Duncan... I hope that it can be one of our regular haunts in Duncan this coming year :)

Stacey said...

1. My biggest pet peeve is other people’s feet near or touching me. But I like my feet.
2. I Love early mornings. Like 5:30ish.
3. I used to have a sticker collection… And I have about a million still… Anyone want a sticker?
4. I have always wanted a Cow. Just one or two. And some chickens (ill make myself some eggs.)
5. I scar from anything I get a scratch from. Kind of annoying.
6. I drove to Mexico (took 4 days & 3 nights) With 12 other random people I have never met.
7. My neighbour has a lama. And it stares at me all the time and it is the creepiest thing ever. It always follows me, and puts its face into mine… I dis-like Lamas.
8. I have ran one half marathon.
9. I am allergic to Chocolate…
10. I have always wanted to go to New Brunswick.
PS. Thrift stores are amazing.