Sunday, June 5, 2011

General questions for everyone:

01. What is one thing you need more of in your life?
02. What are you passionate about?
03. What do you know a lot about?
04. What is your most useful talent?
05. What skills, knowledge, attitudes, etc. do you think you bring to this group?
06. What do people need to know about you?
07. What inanimate object is the most useful to you?
08. What can make even the worst days better?


Tessa said...

Please provide rationale and avoid using cliché answers. I care about your response so be real about it.

Tessa said...

01. I need more honest, deep discussion. So often people talk about surface level stuff and don't share their heart with other people and then you don't really get to know them.
02. I am passionate about language and words and the way people communicate. I just get excited thinking that each word has it's own connotation and preconceived notions attached to it.
03. I honestly don't think I know a lot about anything. I mean I know things, and perhaps more than some, but not what I would define “a lot.” That being said I know a reasonable amount about art and English related things.
04. I'm talented at using words. I can generally get my meaning across, even if it takes 12 sentences.
05. I suppose I bring wisdom to this group. I have a lot of God given wisdom apparently and it kind of just comes out.
06. You need to that when I get angry, I get quiet. If I say that I can't even talk to you right now, it's because I'm in a rage and don't want to say something I'll regret. Don't take it personally, just walk away.
07. My analog clock is the most useful thing. When I'm lying awake and night I can hear it tick and it helps me relax and clear my head.
08. Chamomile tea makes everything better.

Trevor said...

1. I need more of God's love in my life. I can easily pick apart the negative traits of people, especially before I know them well, and find it hard to look for the positives.
2. I am passionate about corporate worship. I believe it is incredibly important in building Christ-centred relationships in the church, as it brings people together for the cause of praising God, which should be our goal every time we gather.
3. Nothing stands out when I think about what I know a lot about. I am not really an expert in any certain area.
4. My most useful talent is probably the guitar. It is just useful in lots of settings. I don't rip sweet solos but I have the chords down.
5. I think that I bring an attitude that is hungry for more of God. God has given me a deep desire for Him and His will, and shown me the many ways that I have compromised Him and His word and still do. He has changed my heart; He won't allow me to settle. (Reading "No Compromise" about Keith Green is worth your time...)
6. I can be too sarcastic. In the past I have probably hurt more people than I realize. I am sorry if I do that to you... if you are confused ask me and I will try to clear it up. I am trying to cut down on it, but it is a work in progress right now.
7. The best thing I can think of right now is a fork. It just comes in handy every day.
8. Prayer and reflection on the promises of God. Sounds cliche, and it probably is, but it is true. When I realize that the God of this universe loves me, has a plan for me, and is preparing a place for me, I can't help but get excited.

TannerK said...

1.Hmm, I think more friends that encourage me and push me in my faith. Having a friendship based on more then just having fun. (So YES i am stoked for Kaleo!)
2. Music. More specifically leading worship.
3. Haha Honestly, Im not the smartest tool in the shed. I would like to think that I know a good amount when it comes to guitar/music.
4. It may be Guitar as well. Like Trevor, Im not a huge solo guy.
5. Umm probably just a relaxed attitude? Im not a huge worrier, Im pretty chill. Just go with the flow.
6. Well. Im not sure. I can be caught with sarcasm as well. I can be pretty stubborn too?
7. I have no idea! Fork was a good one. I like my guitar. Ipod is a classic choice as well. Bible?
8. Some good tunes. Im an icecream fanatic. Guitar sesh? I guess it depends on why it was a bad day?

Hah This was harder then I thought.

Erin Karklins said...
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Erin Karklins said...

1. One thing that I need more of in my life is time spent reading for fun and doing other hobbies. I find that all too often I feel the need to be doing something productive, without taking time to enjoy different activities.
2. I am passionate about leadership. I have a heart for young adults who are gifted in leadership. I enjoy spurring them on and helping them develop their leadership skills. I'm continually learning how to be a godly leader and what that looks like practically lived out.
3. Oh golly, what do I know a lot about? Hmmm, I suppose I know a lot about proper grammar (must run in the family). Along with that I know a lot about the Briercrest Format Guide...which is kind of a lame ability. EXCEPT that it will benefit ALL of you because you will be using that guide when writing papers. So in a way I guess I could say "you're welcome" haha.
4. My most useful talent is maybe my ability to connect with others. I really care about others and I genuinely desire to see spiritual growth in each and every one of you. Also prayer - I LOVE to pray.
5. As one of your leaders what I bring to the group is experience and understanding. I hope to also possess a passion for serving the Lord that will encourage you in your journey.
6. What people need to know about me is that I'm far from perfect and I'm still learning too.
7. The inanimate objet that is most useful to me is my back scratcher. Except I have temporarily lost it. I know it has to be somewhere! It certainly would be useful right now.
8. Chocolate can make even the worst day better. It's a proven fact...just ask Viktor.

Tessa said...

Yay, I really enjoyed reading those, the insight was super cool. Oh and these questions were meant to be hard.I love hard questions; if you can whip and answer off in a second there's nothing of your heart or mind in it.

michael gordon said...

1. Prolly rest time and prayer time. I am always doing something and I cant stand just not doing stuff.
2. I would have to say sports
3. Farming?
4. I dont know what my most usefull talent is...maybe its being athletic or being somewhat talented at most things?
5. this is a really hard question. I guess Im usually the guy who gets along with everybody and I can help people feel welcome...or so people tell me.
6.something you should know about me is that I am also very sarcastic and I usually have a comeback to what people say to me. Its usually to be funny not to be mean but it sometimes comes across that way. But Im trying to stop always having a comeback.
7. Knife. I almost always have one on me and it is just so use full.
8. food and family/ always makes for a good time.

wow Tanner you were right that was hard.

bextravels said...

01. Time in reflection. Especially to stop and look back at what God has done through my life and to praise Him for the journey He has taken me on, no matter how hard it may have seemed at the time.
02. I’m passionate about young people having the opportunity to grow and develop at their own pace and helping to see that they are individually and wonderfully made. I have a huge heart for young people that suffer from eating disorders, depression and self harm.
03. Hrm. Tough one. This is going to sound odd, but I know a lot about packing! I’ve had a fair amount of practice at it with a few international trips under my belt!!
04. What is your most useful talent? I’m actually pretty good at lighting fires. Not necessarily useful in everyday life though!
05. I always like to have an attitude of looking at things from outside the box and not living up to ‘society’s’ expectations. I hope that this will challenge others of you to also questions why you view certain things in life the way that you do.
06. I will more than likely start to lose my Aussie accent somewhat throughout the year. I’m going to try my best not to though.
07. Similar to Michael, I always have my Swiss Army knife with me. I often find it so very helpful at the most random of times.
08. Playing a game of tennis, or a good, long hug from someone that just wants to let me know they care.

Stacey said...

1) I need more of Gods strength when facing really tough things that only God can help me with. Also, more time to look back on my life and realize the wonderful things that God has done for me. More time for being alone and just listening. I also need more people I can trust. People that will truly listen to what you have to say and they actually care about you and what you say.
2) I am passionate for Music. And music that brings people to truly worship God. Nature is another one. I love to be out in wild and explore Gods creation.
3) I know a lot about… I could say piano. And running.
4) My knowledge of various instruments I guess? And talking to people, I’m a big talker.
5) I am Very energetic and Joyful, and I can make people happy. I am also compassionate towards people. I just love people and being around them.
6) If I don’t like something I like to put it off and find something more interesting to do. I sometimes don’t think through things, and just go right into it with out truly thinking about it. Maybe like saying something to someone that I didn’t think about how they would respond to it.
7) Hmm. I agree with the Fork also. Pretty genius. I would say that my bed is the most useful. It’s always welcoming to me when I’m having a bad day or doing homework. Or anything that involves sitting.
8) Being around happy people. And candy. Music. Sleep.

Marissa said...

1. I need to be challenged more in my position as a leader and as a disciple. I tend to be insecure about those abilities, so I need to be pushed beyond my own expectations to discover who God really wants me to be.
2. I'm passionate about kids of any age. I love to love them and teach in their lives as much as they love and teach in mine. Their simple faith humbles me in so many ways and inspires me to pursue their sincere and straightforward perspective.
3. I haven't lived long enough to know a lot about anything, but what I know the most about in my life is sports and art.
4. My most useful talent, if you can even call it a talent, is being a friend. I don't have much to offer but I'm willing to listen, provide a laugh or just be company to anyone who needs it. I also love to give hugs :)
5. I love to serve, encourage and challenge other people in whatever way I am able.
6. I don't like confrontations in any form, so I try to avoid it as much as possible. I've been trying to overcome that, but it's been a struggle.
7. My basketball. It's almost like my teddy bear (I've slept with it a couple times), it's comforting and fun to have handy.
8. I'm with Trevor on this one-Reflecting on God's promises for me, quiet/nap time, reading, exercise, friends/family or a hug.

Toni Gladstone said...

1. I need more Jesus in my life.
2.....i am passionate about helping people when they are broken and crying out to God. I think it is the most beautiful thing.
3. umm...i know a fair bit about movies.
4. i don't know, you guys can tell me at the end of the year :)
5. my heart.
6. I am an introvert and quite person. So the start of the year shall be interesting.
7. bed.
8. Harry Farmer ( teddy bear, except he is a green hippo), devo book, something that I call a cave (which could be a bedroom or something), food.