Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Camp Q

hey everyone!
I am already at camp Q and its great!!! We are still on our first week of staff training. The first camp starts july 2nd on saturday! Im getting really excited.
This place is amazing, the ocean is so close and its beautiful.
i have seen various interesting animals here... a racoon!! and miniture deer, but i have not seen any jelly fish. hopefully i dont.
Okay! BYE for now. Cant wait till i meet you all <3



Jay said...

So great to have you here at Qwanoes already!!!


Stephen said...

you are here, what have i met you yet!!! and don't worry you will see a jelly fish oh you will.

Toni Gladstone said...

how have you not seen a jelly fish yet? you are a lifeguard.

Marissa said...

Have fun Stace!