Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Finally I'm home

So I just got back from a 2 week mission trip to Puerto Rico early this morning. The original plan was to help out with the construction of a Sunday school building for a church out there and a little maintenance at the Evangelical School for the Deaf where we were staying. Unfortunately, we weren't able to get much done on the church because of holidays, weather and an uncooperative contractor. However, we did get to do a lot of work done at the deaf school including painting, yard work and some fix-it tasks. For as little as I feel we did, the local people from the church and school showered us with love and acceptance, feeding us FANTASTIC food and giving us a place to sleep. Throughout the trip we constantly felt the love of God through these people and learned so much about hospitality and what it means to be a servant. God also taught us about patience and trusting in him; we may not have gotten done as much as we would have liked, but it's all in His hands and He knew what He was doing sending rain. Furthermore, we got to witness God's protection in a number of "close calls". All in all it was an amazing, wonderful, stupendous, thrilling trip and I'm thankful that I got the chance to go. If you could pray that I will continue the relationship with God that I developed while I was there and continue to push forward and put into practise what He is teaching me. If you have any questions about the trip or anything, chat me up, I would love to talk more about how God moved. :)


Marissa said...

Your missions trip sounded like it was a great experience and I will definitely be praying for you.
What were those close calls that you mentioned?

Tessa said...

Okay so first there was me painting the top half of a two story building sitting on a one foot wide ledge. There was a metal roof off to my side which I put a little too much weight on and it collapsed. However before one of the guys had mentioned not to put weight on it as was sagging, otherwise I probably would have been walking on it. There was also a dangerous situation when we went snorkeling. Gavin scraped his knee pretty bad on the reef and couldn't swim, but Tom "just happened" (read was prompted by Holy Spirit) to look up and notice him. So Tom helped Gavin swim to shore and the sharks stayed away despite a lot of blood. I'm sure there were numerous other situations where things could have gone horribly wrong but didn't. Despite a few cases of illness, heat stroke and sun burn we were all pretty safe.