Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hey Kaleo 2012!

What to say about myself? Well, I'm Lindsey. I'm currently living in Vancouver, and working as a Summer Intern at Inner Hope Youth Ministries. Like many of you, my whole life has been camp during the summer, so one of my biggest challenges has been finding my place away from camp this year. Although it has been tough being away from that community, it has stretched me so much, and I value it so much more having been away. I hope to return to do Core Staff next summer! Tanner - chances are I will meet you very soon, since you're at my camp, and i'll be by to visit next week sometime. I'm jealous that you get to hang out with my friends every day, but i'm super stoked to have another SABC staff in the Kaléo program.

I've been away from "home" for a year and a half now, studying at Trinity Western University. I'm majoring in Psychology/Human Services, and minoring in Studio Art. Although I loved my time at Trinity so far, in the spring I started feeling called to leave. I started researching YWAM's and completed applications for two of them. It never felt completely right though, so I never actually mailed them in. It's incredible how God works, because for someone who rarely does things last minute, it was a huge step of faith to wait on where God wanted me this fall. And here I am, 6 weeks before September, and I'm confident that this is where I am supposed to be! I'm thirsting to know more of God, and to be challenged in ways that I don't expect.

You may have noticed by now that I can be pretty long winded, considering it's taken me three paragraphs to get to where I'm actually from. Home for me is Lethbridge, right smack in the middle of Southern Alberta. My parents and sister still live there, so I get to go home next week and see them and relax a bit! Anyway though, if you have any questions/comments, I'll respond. Let me catch you up on a few fun facts about me, and then this is enough for one post!

Fun Facts:
1. I also love thrift stores and antique/consignment stores
2. I play violin, and I can play about 6 chords on guitar, and right hand piano. I would love to learn to actually play left hand on piano as well... so perhaps we'll have to have a musical lesson swap, since no one really wants to just hear the melody of a song all the time.
3. I drive a beetle, and they are the worst cars ever if you have to cart children/carseats around. I do love my car though. Driving is also one of my favourite things, especially at night in the country.
4. I would love to visit every continent.
5. I really don't enjoy cats.
6. I dyed a piece of my hair purple. Mistake one: I let a 15 year old do it. Mistake two: It was cheap dye, and now i have green hair.
7. I love acoustic music.
8. It's driving me crazy that I can't think of 10 and it bothers me that I have to leave this on such an unruly number. (not a multiple of 5)

I can't wait to meet you all. God Bless,
Lindsey Grisnich


Toni Gladstone said...

it is green? It wasn't green when i was home for my birthday, or did i just not notice?
ps. this makes me more excited to do kaleo with you friend!
pps. it also makes me think of how much i will get to know you, since i knew all of that besides the green / purple hair thing.

Lindsey said...

yes. it's just started turning green, and you can't tell as much when it's curly... so yeah, when i straightened it on sunday I had a rude awakening.

PS: I 'm also excited. :)

Erin Karklins said...

Yay! I am super excited to meet you this fall Lindsey. I know that God has big things in store and I can't wait to see what he wants to do!

bextravels said...

Lindsey, I'm really stoked that you made the decision to join the Kaleo Program :) We're going to have an absolutely awesome year!

Holly said...

Lindsey! You're doing Kaleo!?!? I'm so stoked for you! God's gonna do some amazing things in you and through you this year.

Lindsey said...

Yeah! I am.. so stoked. I texted you once to ask a question about it before I applied... but then I remembered later that you were going to argentina. Hope you're well!

TannerK said...

Stoked to meet you! Its sweet theres another person from around here! Its gonna be a great year!

Tessa said...

I predict that we will get along swimmingly based on a number of factors; first, we are both long winded, as this comment will probably make clear; second, violin is legit, and as a violin player you have my respect; third, we both like acoustic music, I would love to discuss music with you and exchange favourites; and finally the fact that you're bother by unending on an "unruly number" shows that you use good words and are needless anal about things, both these are good things of course. I'm quite sure it will be a pleasure getting to know you. :)

Lindsey said...

I definitely laughed silently while reading this. I have yet to take my ipod off of my Jon Foreman/worship playlist this week... too good. I figure it's evangelism since the only time I get to listen to my music is while driving. With the amount of traffic in Vancouver, and the way I flaunt my style with the windows down and the sunroof open... everyone benefits. Lets exchange more so that all of Vancouver can also enjoy fine music.

and yes... I just love it when things are exact. :)

Alisha Penner said...

Jon foreman!!!

Lindsey said...

yes! jon foreman!