Sunday, July 24, 2011

Real Me, Real You

Since the creation of this blog, I made the FIRM decision that I would refrain from posting until we all met on September 14th.
Good question!

I think I was looking forward to meeting and experiencing everyone in person; I'm not convinced that cyberspace has the capability to capture the entirety of human character. [Emoticons hardly do us justice and - for example - I might appear more intelligent through a post than I would face to face. =)]

Moreover, I wanted to skip the whole "They are not what they seemed" or "Wow, my first impression was so wrong" because I wouldn't even KNOW you guys or have heard about you in the slightest bit and vise versa. Then I noticed my major flaw. I was STILL enjoying the messages that were being posted, I just wasn't posting myself! Wow, talk about lame and confusing; I am usually the antonym of a wall flower.

In all reality, I enjoy people and I LOVE community with both God and man.

So now - with both boldness and slight humility - I am posting, trusting that (even if it is easy to pre-determine what I will be like before we meet) you will get to know the "real me" and I will get to know and love the "real you" very soon.

Until then, I am Nicole Pauls and I live on the precious prairies of Manitoba. I live for Jesus and I will fight you for bacon and/or chocolate mints.

Not too soon, Baboon!


Erin Karklins said...

Hey Nicole! Glad you "took the plunge" and posted! Yay for Manitoba girls...I think we are special, haha. Anyways, I'm really excited about the fall and getting to meet the "real you"...until then, perhaps the blog will do.

Tessa said...

Haha Nicole I feel like there was definitely a good dose of your personality in that post. And I'm glad you finally posted.
PS- hiking trip soon yes?