Monday, August 1, 2011

Preparations are underway

Jay and I just got back from scouting out the our first overnight backpack trip for the year. It was an exciting time to talk through the upcoming year and continue the preparations for your arrival in a month!
The problem was that the mountain was blanketed this winter by a record snowfall and unlike you east-coasters we've had a really cold summer thus far. The result was that Jay and I hiked almost 10 hours on top of 3-8' of snow.

This is the trail sign at one of our campsites!
The sign is about 8' tall. Needless to say we had
some trouble finding the campsite.

After the first hour we gave up trying to find the trail and simply used the mountains and lakes as navigation points. Of the 10 hours we were on the actual trail for about 2 of them.

We are hoping that a warm August will take care of the snow, but in all things we trust that God knows what he is doing!
We are so excited for your arrival. We plan in anticipation that God is preparing on doing a mighty work both in you and through you!

Your Kaléo Program Handbooks are in the mail so we encourage you to read through them before you arrive here at camp. For the time being summer continues to roll along and God is at work in mighty ways in the lives of staff and campers here at Qwanoes. That's all for now.

In His Grace,

Andrew MacDonald
CIT, LIT, & Kaléo Program Leader


Jay said...
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Jay said...

What an amazing adventure navigating without a trail! I can't wait to be up there again with all of you. It was an incredible view of some fantastic mountains and lakes. Although I am hoping that the lakes won't all be frozen over in September. I love Andrew's video sharing the hike with everyone!

TannerK said...

So Stoked!