Monday, August 15, 2011


So I talked to some student loans people in Manitoba and the student financial adviser from Briercrest (a very nice lady) and made a little progress. Kaleo is currently "not eligible" for Manitoba Student loans, however, they can look over this and review it with the school and possibly get it approved (it was last reviewed in 2002 so things have changed some.) However, I am still not guaranteed to get any money and may not find out before I leave for the Kaleo program. But I faxed in my application today and they will begin going through it eventually I suppose. So pray that this process goes smoothly, that the Kaleo program gets approved (because it is eligible in other provinces) and this happens FAST! Oh, and that I wouldn't let stress and doubt get to me. Thanks y'all. (Yeahhhhhh I just said "y'all")

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Lindsey said...

praying! I also spent 2 hours today trying to get ahold of the Alberta Student Loan people.