Monday, August 1, 2011

A Tidbit about Me

HI Y'ALL!!!!
So I am super excited because as of one day ago, I was accepted and am now enrolled in the Kaleo program here at the ever-stunning Camp Qwanoes. It's a bit of a story, however, about why I chose this program. I had originally applied back in January, but then cancelled my application due to some fears and reservations I was unwilling to pass to God. I then applied for a theatre scholarship to Trinity Western University. After being offered the scholarship, I truly thought I was headed there this fall. However, that changed when I came to work at Camp Qwanoes as a Co-Counsellor. During Staff Training, Bec Rodda and Viktor Karkins (your wonderful interns) planted the idea of Kaleo back into my heart. It was at that point that I felt a push from God so powerful, it was impossible to ignore. So with that, I prayed for about three weeks before I actually applied, and now here I am, one of your soon to be Kaleo brothers.
Now that you've heard my story, I'll let you know a few things about me. I was born in Prince Rupert B.C. and have lived there my whole life. My town consists of 12,000, so Vancouver Island is a bit of a Culture Shock for me. For those of you who don't know where Prince Rupert is, we are situated on the Border of Alaska. Life can become pretty interesting with moose, deer, bears, wolves and even otters roaming in your back yard, but it is a place where God's creation shines so brightly through the daily torrential downpours.
Like I said, I've been counselling here at Camp Qwanoes, and it has been great. This is my fifth week and it is truly amazing to serve the Lord by loving this kids and showing them the good life. I will admit there are times when I think I cannot do it, but it is by the grace and strength administered by my heavenly father that I am able to continue serving steadfastly.
Finally, I LOVE THEATRE. There is nothing that can come between me and a Stage, except for a raging crowd of old-fashioned Cherry Cokes.. GAH!!!! I hope to pursue a job as a thespian/actor and help regain the arts for God's glory because I'm not sure if you've noticed, but it has become anything but edifying.
So with that, I hope you all continue to enjoy your summers wherever you are. I am so excited to get to know you both on and off Blogger and I think God's got some pretty fantabulous plans for this year.
Keep it peachy,
Matthew Wigmore
By the way, that picture is of my friends Jenna (left), Hanna (right) and I (centre) right before we were leading children in activities down on the dock. Hanna and Jenna were leading fishing, so thought they would dress up. I was on a boat... so I put a lifejacket on


Erin Karklins said...

Yay! SO excited for you Matthew! Looking forward to spending 8-months with you during the Kaleo program.

Holly said...

I came to the blog specifically to see if you had posted, Matthew. And you did! So stoked for you!! God's gonna do some crazy things. Srsly.

Matthew Wigmore said...

You would Holly. Thanks so much my soon to be spanish sister!!!