Monday, May 30, 2011

Hello Everyone

Hello People,

My name is Steve Geiger, or as everyone here at Camp Qwanoes calls me StevieG.

I am the Events Coordinator at camp where I get the opportunity to plan and run all the crazy games and events that go on here this summer and retreats through out the year.

Umm what else can I tell you, I know that the Canucks are going to win the cup this year, and it would be a great year to do it as well cause I am also getting married this year in October to a wonderful woman named Alycia. I am so excited for this.

During the Year I work part time at Qwanoes and part time at one of the local church's where I am the youth pastor there so I am very excited to get a chance to work with some of you in that aspect of your training as well.

umm what else should I write and tell you all, I like to collect Pez yes it is true, I have over 300 of them, so when you all get here you will have to come over and check them out, you can even have some of the candy hahah.. anyways that sounded a little creepy, so I going to stop talking about that.

So God Bless you all and see you soon

Events Coordinator, Camp Qwanoes


Stacey said...

Hey! you going to be there this summer?

Nicole said...

As long as the candy isn't in your car trunk, I think we'll be okay.
Do you have puppies to show us, too?
Haha. Just foolin', Steve. Just foolin'...

TannerK said...

How bigs your youth group? What type of stuff do you do in your youth group?

Stephen said...

HEy stacey, I am working here at camp this summer.

And Nicole I do have a Dog, hahaha but both the candy and the dog do not live in my van. so we should be okay.

and TannerK, well my youth group is about 50 kids.. that is Jr High and Sr. High, but we run both of those on different night. We are about 80% un-church kids in the youth group. A typical night would go like Arrive hang out then we do some ice breaker games, and then I do a God talk then we usally do a game of some kind after then have some hang out after that.

we also run a bible study for the one that are wanting to go deeper to start getting into the bible as well.

yeah word

TannerK said...

Thats rad! I have a sweet youth group, but i think its opposite. 80% are churched kids. Thats sweet to hear its reaching those kids!