Friday, May 27, 2011

My Turn

Ok, so I guess I can take a few minutes to finally do this.

My name is Andrew MacDonald and I'm the Kaléo program leader here at Camp Qwanoes. Originally I'm from New Brunswick, I have a background in Engineering and did construction management for a few years after college. Jesus really got a hold of my life during some tough years (lots of time to hear about this during the year) and he set me on a new journey for my life. In 2004 God called me to vast expanses of Saskatchewan to begin my degree in youth ministry at Briercrest. I was a 24 year old freshman living on dorm with 17 year olds. It was an absolutely amazing experience. From Briercrest God kept calling me west and I spent 2 summers here at Camp Qwanoes. God has used camp ministry in powerful ways in my life to refine and shape me.
I took some time off during my 3rd year to work construction and make some money before returning to school but God had different plans. It was during that time that I got married to my beautiful wife Jenn and accepted a full time job in youth ministry at South Delta Baptist Church in Tsawwassen. I was on staff for 3.5 years at the church and loved my time there. I was able to see God work powerfully in me and through me.
It was last fall that God began to put the Kaléo program in my heart and he began the long process of calling Jenn and I out here to Camp Qwanoes full time. It's a bit of a stressful time for us now trying to sell our house and finish the transition... not to mention that Jenn is 6 months pregnant! We are expecting our first daughter September 4th (so to all of you who love babysitting, I've got you covered).
I am SOOOOO excited to see what God has planned for the Kaléo program this year! I believe that God has called each of you here and that he has plans in store for you. He will challenge you, he will stretch you, he will encourage you, and best of all the God of the Universe will meet with you here. I expect big things, I'm praying for big things, and I'm so excited for you to get here so we can kick this year off!

I suppose that's enough for now.

In His Grace,

Andrew MacDonald
CIT and Kaléo Leader, Camp Qwanoes

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