Friday, May 20, 2011

Hey everyone!

It is so great to see you all getting to know each other! Thanks for diving in right away! We are all very excited to have you as our new incoming students. As many of you are finding out, for now this is a place to introduce yourself to the growing community that will become known as Kaléo 2012!

This blog is yours to post your stories, your dreams, pics, videos, prayer requests, and news. Later, it will become a place where you can access important links for every day life in the Kaléo program. It will also be used to tell people back home what is happening at Qwanoes, and after that, a way to stay in touch with your fellow students and all of us here at Qwanoes!

True, there is such a thing as Facebook, but we find this works better in addition to Facebook as people tend to stop and take time to read more intently.

This blog will be a great way for you to talk to all of us at once, like you will regularly once we all come together at Qwanoes in September!

So get on here! Tell us about you, and use the "Comments" link to respond to what other students write. You will be glad you did, and so will we. See you here soon!

In His Grace,

Andrew MacDonald
CIT / Kaléo Leader, Camp Qwanoes

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